Video Series on Armstrong’s Point

The Gates – A video review

Ivan Hughes video about Armstrong’s Point – Narrated by Bill Richardson

History of Armstrong’s Point Video

This video from Ivan Hughes includes commentary from Winnipeg historian Randy Rostecki, who has written a book on the important role played in Winnipeg’s development by early residents of Armstrong’s Point. It is about the rarity of having so many well-preserved historic homes in one small neighbourhood. 

The Homes of Armstrong’s Point Video

In this video by Ivan Hughes, Resident Christine Common proposes that the unusual collection of historic homes in Armstrong Point presents a great opportunity for government to assist with the protection and preservation of a neighbourhood which has become an important heritage resource.

Urban Forest

A video narrated by Arborist Gerry Engel about the rare Urban forest in the Armstrong’s Point neighbourhood.

Urban Jewel

In this video by Ivan Hughes, Residents of Armstrong’s Point describe what makes their neighbourhood such a treasure for all the people of Winnipeg to enjoy.

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